Dave Salt's Working Wall

This site serves as a work space for developing and sharing resources to help with the teaching and learning of Computing within Primary/Elementary schools.

About Dave Salt

Interactive maths 100 square resources. These are intended to support the use of an ascending 100 square starting from zero.   Also included is an interactive multiplication grid that supports a visual understanding of multiplication.
A utility to help children get started with coding in html and css without the need for excessive typing. Click the code blocks and drag the code into the workspace below with a page preview on the right.
Example app for Android on Google Play. This is a test app for a project where children learn to code a simple app in javascript, in Scratch and finally using App Inventor.
A quick workspace for modelling sentences and handwriting on interactive whiteboards.
Interactive spelling training for the 45 highest frequency words. This page has proved very effective in helping those who have a real difficulty with remembering speellings.
Guide to making apps for iPhone/iPad etc. This is a little out of date now but still contains some useful information on how to 'appify' a web page to suit iPads.
Greedy Sheep. A test platform game made with Construct2.
Alien Blaster. A shoot-em-up test game made with Construct2.
A color mixing challenge to help students understand how all different colors can be made by mixing red, green and blue light